About Us:

Travis {Dad}

  • He's upper 30s.
  • Works as a Dental Technician at Larson Dental Lab in Omaha Nebraska.
  • He loves being a dad, working on custom sculpture and jewelry.
  • He also loves building things with Duplos.
  • Is known to be very sarcastic and stubborn, so is his wife {Mom}.
  • He is the oldest in his family.
Alissa {Mom}

  • I'm the writer of this blog.
  • I'm upper 30s.
  • I teach at The Creative Center in Omaha Nebraska. It is an art college.
  • I love being a mom, decorating sugar cookies, discussing the topic of breastfeeding and blogging.
  • I've always liked to tease people. When I was child I was the antagonist in our family of 5.
  • I'm a middle child in my family. I have 2 sister's.
Mica Zachary {Moose}

  • Mica's our first born. His birthday is in August 2005.
  • He loves trains of any kind, Transformers, Legos, puzzles, he's a movie buff, loves sweets, fruit and reading books.
  • Mica has lots of energy! He talks all the time. The only way to keep him quiet is by letting him watch TV, work on puzzles or by reading books.
  • Mica needs his alone time.
  • Mica is in third grade.
Isaak Jaxon {Zeek}

  • Isaak's our second born. His birthday is in May 2008.
  • He loves stuffed animals, crafts, and art.
  • Isaak is a people person. 
  • Isaak is both sweet and sour. He's sensitive to others feelings.
  • Isaak is in first grade.


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